Our Services

 At Find Equipoise we offer many services focused on bringing your body and mind into balance. Every session will be different in response to the individual client's present needs. Generally, an advanced therapy session is an eclectic composite of Heather's varied training. There are many layers to our body: Energetic, Lymph, Nervous system, Circulatory, Muscle and Fascia. All systems respond differently to different techniques and client individuality. The intention of Find Equipoise Bodywork and Massage is to honor and respect the individual and respond accordingly by shaping the body/mind connection and bringing in balance. 



Heather is skilled at both Western and Eastern modes of massage and can determine what method would best suit your individual needs and concerns. During your session, theraputic and GRAS Essential oils may be used to further aid healing and relaxation. If you have any sensitivities, please let us know in advance.

Deep Tissue/Structural Integration

Deep tissue is often confused by a client interested in deeper pressure. True Deep Tissue or Structural Integration can be intense (shouldn't cause pain). It is a very specific and methodical approach to bring the body into alignment with gravity. The manipulation of the soft tissue releases stress patterns; healing free movement and function of the organs, kinesthetic muscle action, nerve impulse, lymph and blood flow. Structural Integration frees both physical and psychological traumas and restrictions. If we are re-patterned into proper alignment through this work, everything in the body works better, decreasing the effects that cause pain and disease.


Shiatsu is the Japanese word translated “finger pressure.” This modality was known as ANMA in times past. Shiatsu practice is a beautiful blend of old world knowledge of the body through Oriental Medicine Philosophy combined with physical therapy and passive stretching. Shiatsu can be performed with a mat on the floor or on a massage table. Feet, hands, fingers and forearms may all be used as tools to free up the energy flow through the Meridian lines and to release muscle tension. The application of this modality varies between relaxing and intense according to regional styles or, at Find Equipoise, varies according to the client’s wishes and the body’s needs.

Thai Massage This Modality originates out of Oriental and Ayurvedic medicinal knowledge. Thai Massage is rhythmic, meditative, relaxing and incorporates many counter balance stretches. This form of bodywork involves a more general approach to opening the Meridian energy flow and well-being of the body/ mind.

Massage Cupping This is a wonderful tool that has been modernized from centuries of use in Oriental Medicine. This modality is very effective in releasing structural restrictions in the Fascia (connective tissue) and breaking up scar tissue and adhesions. Massage Cupping is best used in helping Chronic Pain related issues. This tool assists in moving edema, inflammation and congestion in the muscle tissue.

Sound TherapyThis is truly an organic therapy to support our well-being. The resonance of the bowls by their size, shape and 12-metal composition; emulate frequencies (vibrations) that tonify our cell, tissue and organs. The resonance mirrors our own system in health. This method is the most gentle and effective tool imaginable. Starting a bodywork session with this modality relaxes the Body/Mind to receive other techniques more effectively. It helps the parasympathetic nervous system to dominate and relax any fight of flight response. This helps injured areas to respond to treatment with minimal side effects and recovery. Ending a session with the Sound therapy integrates the body as a whole to the treatment received. The sounds the bowls create on the body also help to perceive where the body is free or restricted as a form of ultra-sound response.

Pre-natal & Post-natal Massage

Professional body support cushions and specialized massage table provide the comfort and body positioning needed for a woman at all stages of her pregnancy. There are special needs that should be met to assist a new mother during this beautiful and special time. Especially for the first-time mother, her body changes tremendously each month in preparation for delivery and in relation to the growing life within her. Much of the infant’s well-being is directly linked to the well-being of the baby’s mother during the gestation period. Educated bodywork during this time can revitalize, lessen or remove discomfort and amplify the unique bond between a mother and her child.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage  The stones provide a very amiable application of cold and heat. This greatly increases the body’s circulation. The stones are used with massage strokes, tapping and to work out trigger/ pressure points. Placement stones at proper temperature release muscle tension gently and help the receiver feel held and supported. You may receive an entire session with the stones or benefit from them whereever specifically needed.

Lymph Drainage

The Lymphatic system is finally in the spotlight and science is bringing its value to the forefront. This is your liquid waste management system, the foundation and network of your immune system. There are more lymph vessels than blood vessels. This therapy is clinically used for pre- and post-surgery, support in cancer treatment, immediate use in injury recovery and sports recovery. A great immune booster, it is gentle, rhythmic and relaxing.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy

A sensitive, gentle yet deep approach that sets the body's wheels of healing in motion. A client will further improve after a session. Through honoring the body's wisdom in this way, many conditions can be supported and improved, such as migranes, allergies, psychological and stress imbalances, TMJD, scoliosis and back problems, eye and ear dysfunction, learning disabilities and austism. Beneficial and relaxing at all times, it provides a sense of personal integrity while the therapist respects and responds to the cranial rhythm. In this dance, the body leads and the practitioner follows.


We know the hands and feet have over 7000 sensory nerve endings. Half of the twelve bilateral meridian lines that circulate through the whole body have beginning and ending points on the feet. Ancient cultures such as Babylon, China, Egypt, India, and Japan have recognized and treated health and well-being through the body's mirrored reflex points on the feet. There are both gentle and deep applications to this work.

Skin care

Heather is a licensed esthetician and will be happy to consult with you on your skin care needs.

What can I expect from my treatment?

Every session will be different in response to your individual present needs. Generally, an advanced therapy session is an eclectic composite of Heather's varied training. You can request a specific approach, but ultimately a wholistic approach using deep and gentle work combined yields the greatest benefit.

Why might I feel worse after treatment?

You may not. Immediately after bodywork you will feel better and more relaxed. However, for several reasons, you may feel discomfort and shifts in emotional or physical pain later on. Why is this?

  1. Your body may be re-experiencing a previous trauma or injury as it releases from the tissue. Every thought, perception or experience has a vibrational and chemical response that can be trapped in the cells. The results of an effective session may yield results for an average of 24-48 hours.
  2. If you have areas of numbness, a hyper-sensitivity may be experienced as awareness is restored to those parts of your body. This is often the first step in the healing process.
  3. Suppressed mental, emotional or physical pain can resurface in a session initiating a healing response. This will reach beneath the adaptations and masking that your body performs when compromised.
  4. Your body may amplify pain to motivate you to restoration.

Certainly if you have any concerns or questions about your personal response to bodywork before or after a session, please ask. Heather will be glad to talk to you in depth about your own needs for healing and balance. You can reach her at 816.286.5673 or drop her an email.