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Heather Harris (Find Equipoise Bodywork & Massage) and Dr. Meagan Leahy, D.C. are excited to have joined forces for the wellness of others. Both share the same philosophy toward helping their Patients / Clients. Although the approach is directed through different professional disciplines they both start with the individuals Structural Integrity which offers the strongest foundation toward body wellness. A holistic approach is quintessential to sustainable results and progressive treatment. Both practices are tailored toward results and progress for all persons that put their care in our hands.


 Heather can supply this healing healthful water along with the details of this profound water system. The FDA categories this machine as a medical device based on performance and construction. We are distributors and are available for Instruction and Demonstrations.

Couples Massage Class Retreats Contact: Heather Harris
Email or call for further details and projected schedule for Fall 2019.

 Email or call 816.286.5673.

Milne Institute, Inc.                     

The Milne Institute, Inc. offers classes on the Heart of Listening Visionary Cranial-Sacral Therapy. A method developed to manifest an open heart, a clear mental state and a free body both for the practitioner and the individual receiving the work.



  Dr. Bruno Chikley, MD, DO is the developer and Instructor of Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy and Brain Neurology Therapy.  


Upledger Institute • 


Upledger Institute is a center in advanced bodywork Therapies with closes ties with the Medical Community worldwide.                     

Utah College of Massage Therapies

In 1996 the 10th anniversary of the Utah College of Massage Therapy, it held double accreditation by ACCET and COMMTAA with an internationally acclaimed reputation.

America Massage Therapy Association

The American Massage Therapy Association represents more than 56,000 Massage Therapists. AMTA works to establish Massage Therapy as an integral part to the maintenance of good health and as a complementary adjunct to other therapeutic processes; to advance the profession through ethics and high standards, continuing education, professional publications, legislative efforts, public education, along with fostering the development of members.

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) was founded in 1992 to establish a certification program and uphold a national standard of excellence. Today, the organization continues its work, serving all those who are touched by the field of therapeutic massage and bodywork- consumers, practitioners, volunteers, educators, CE providers and legislators

.Missouri State Board of Therapeutic Massage

Regulates the standard and licensure of the Massage Profession in the State of Missouri.

Missouri Board of Cosmetology and Barbarer Examiners

Regulates the standard and licensure of the Esthetic Profession in the State of Missouri

.Overland Park, Kansas Massage License

Regulates the standard and licensure of the Massage Profession in the Town of Overland Park, Kansas. Email at

North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy

Regulates the standard and licensure of the Massage Profession in the State of North Carolina.

North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners

Regulates the standard and licensure of the Esthetic Profession in the State of North Carolina.

Blue Mountain Center •

Blue Mountain Center for the Healing Arts is a collaborative of holistic health and wellness practitioners in Boone, North Carolina. Find Equipoise has worked with Blue Mountain Center since 2006 to help others in their efforts in healing in both private practice and in the community. Heather’s time working directly at Blue Mountain Center will be cherished


Safe Cosmetics • 


Source for finding safe hygiene and cosmetic products. 


Bob Caldwell Photography •

Bob and Sharon have been serving the High Country for many years. Their heart, kindness and passion have chronicled the important moments of our lives. Special thanks for their photographic efforts on this website and Heather’s wedding to Sam Harris in 2009.